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    April 16, 2013
    2:00 - 3:00am PDT  

>> good morning. it's tuesday april 16th. welcome to "fox & friends". we are following two major breaking stories right now. the latest on the marathon bombings but also happening overnight fox news confirming a u.s. marine helicopter crash overnight near the north korean border. >> all 21 people on board are alive and are being treated at the hospital. 15 have been released. six are in stable condition. the super stallion chopper similar to this one made a hard landing while conducting routine flight operations. the crew is from the unit stationed in okinawa, japan.
now all of the headlines brand new chilling video taken by a runner captured of the incredible force as he ran the boston marathon. >> the bomb rips through the crowd. at least three people now dead including an 8-year-old boy. more than 140 others are wounded. >> everybody just running and screaming saying it was a bomb. everybody was crying trying to call wondering where their families were. it was really, really sad. >> i felt the ground again people running you were getting trampled and stuff. >> all of a sudden there was a huge massive blast. we all just stood there and went that didn't sound good. you could see people panic with their hands over their mouths. just really shocked. >> it was horrible.
it was traumatizing. i don't know how else to he explain it. >> we have live team coverage. kelly wright is here with brand new details on the investigation. first molly is downtown boston blocks from the scene. >> we are at the corner of arlington and boyling ton. it could be blocked off for weeks as they continue to investigate. the area where the two bombs went off this happened in the afternoon well after the elite runners had already run. some 5,000 runners yet to cross the finish line when the two explosions occurred. that means it was a time in the race a time in the day marathon monday where the finish line was packed with moms and kids waiting for dad to cross the finish line with fathers waiting for wifes to cross the finish line young and old.
there were children rushed to the hospital elderly people rushed to the hospital catastrophic injuries numerous limbs lost, eardrums all sorts of different kinds of triage had to be done at the scene in places that were set up to handle sprains and heart attacks and running injuries. it became a scene of chaos that was completely unexpected. this morning the governor says the city is open to do business but it is not sz business as usual. take a listen to deval patrick the governor. >> it will be open tomorrow but it will not be business as usual. there will be a heightened law enforcement present bays on the seriousness of the situation. those can expect there will be random checks of backpacks and other parcels and we just ask
everyone to be patient. >> not surprisingly we are seeing the increased police presence in boston. you can see over my shoerld some of the police that are here on the scene. the fbi this is a federal investigation with a federal lead. there is an important tip line to call 1-800-call fbi prompt number 3 if you have information or video. the fbi saying no piece of information or detail is too small. >> how much of the area is frozen that you can't get anywhere that you can't get through? oo marathon monday in itself
is a big traffic day. it is frozen in place the entire downtown area. this is a major shopping district completely shut down blocks in all directions. people working in that area are not allowed to go to work. people are being asked not to go to work. it is completely shut down in blocks in all direction. this is really the heart of boston. >> kelly wright is live in washington, d.c. where authorities are vowing to find out who did this. >> megan and brian as well. the white house is describing the boston marathon bombing as an act of terror. senior administration officials telling fox news quote when multiple devices go off that's an act of tearrism. officials tell fox news moments after the president delivered a statement to the press corps and deliberately did not use the word terror at that time.
the fbi as heard from molly the is leading the investigation. they are looking for any possible lead to see who was responsible. police pulled over a driver who reportedly displayed a nervous demeanor. the driver led police and fbi to this home. it is not known what police were looking for. police do say they will turn every rock over in search of who is responsible. and they are questioning a saudi national who had been tackleed by people near the scene of the bombing. a federal source telling fox news the man is a student around 20 to 21 years old. he is reportedly cooperating with authorities and is not being described as a suspect. fox news is told the man is here on a student visa. >> i want to stress one thing,
there is no suspect at the hospital. there are people we are talking to. but there is no suspect as has been widely reported in the press. i would like to fix that now. >> so far no known terrorist group is taking claim for the bomb blast. president obama says those who are responsible will be found. >> we still do not know who did this or why. people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all of the facts. make no mistake we will get to the bottom of it and we will find out who did this, we will find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> and the president said his administration will stay in close contact with state and local authorities who are conducting an investigation. he directed his administration
to provide whatever assistance is necessary in investigation response. we are see that go unfold right now. back to you. i don't know if you know this on the but you were talking about the saudi national who is at the hospital. he is not being called a person of interest or suspect or anything like that. is he at all related to the police search warrant that they executed last night at that apartment building? >> i do not know that at this particular time. we know the fbi is investigating all of these possible leads, steve. we do know the visa he's on, the student visa is still being investigated. that visa has been sent to capitol hill where they are checking that. he is not on any federal watch list or anything of that nature. >> very good. kelly, thank you. >> three people were killed a bombing including an 8-year-old boy. his mom and sister were injured
in the blast. standing right next to him as they waited for his father to finish the race. >> more than 144 people were injured and at least 15 are still in critical condition. one hospital is reporting a patient just 3 years old. many of the victims -- rather many of the injuries were to the victim's lower body include broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums. they saw many people lose limbs. one report at least a dozen. hospital officials say they have had to do some amputations. >> a number of patients will inquiry pete operations tomorrow and serial operations after a couple of days. a lot of injuries are combined soft tissue and vascular injuries. they have to be approached often times in a step wise fashion. >> doctors say they did pull debris from people's wounds but they would knnot say if it was regular street debris or
something included in the bomb like bibis or ball bearings. >> the 8-year-old boy, the boston globe was reporting he ran out he hugged his father after he was crossing the finish line and ran back to his family and his sister reportedly lost part of her leg. you can only image how that father feels never knowing at the moment that would be the last time he would have his 8-year-old boy. >> so many people run they have family members who are there at the finish line waiting for them. >> you see all of the international flags i don't think that is something by chance. trying to send a message to the world. we have a woman who ran the marathon she saw the bomb her two children were in the stands across the street from the blast. how are you doing this morning? >> fine, thanks. still awake. >> tell us your story. >> i was crossing the finish
line just about to go under the time clock when it went off right to my left. like so many others i thought it was a cannon thought it was something that was part of the race. that doesn't happen it's the 4 hour mark. an official next to me had a look of horror. i saw bodies and glass and blood and knew something was immediately wrong. >> i know your thought was your daughters ages 7 and 9 watching you? >> they were in the bleachers right across the stands and were supposed to be in the public area. but i was able to get vip passes to get them over in the bleachers. >> the vip passes may have saved their lives. >> pretty much, yeah. >> what do you say to them today and what are some of the questions they have for you? >> they are old enough to understand what happened, they are not old enough to understand why. that is what we are trying to
get them through today to make sure they are safe and they know they are safe and to try do something normal with them today. they were so distraught. >> in a tragedy they say it can be helpful if you have a plan. you don't know when terror is going to hit or tragedy but have a plan. for example at the office building how you exit quickly. in a they're monday you don't think about something like that. if you are searching for your daughters and i know you found them along with your husband, you are in tears what are you thinking? how do i get out of here? where do you go? what do you do? >> at the time it was mass chaos. the second blast went off we all knew something -- we thought the whole city was under siege we thought it could be bleachers next. i found them in tears. dude d cued does to all of the first responders. all we could do was find safety. everybody was trying to do the same thing. it was absolute chaos.
>> one of the lucky things for people there is they had all of the paramedics and the first responders there. it's the end of the boston marathon. they are there to treat blisters and creeky knees. next thing you know they are applying torn cuts with belts where there used to be a leg. was it a scene out af movie to you? >> it was a war zone. there was smoke. i thought i was in afghanistan. i wouldn't know what that was like. but there's what it felt like with children, bloody children walking around, body parts. like you said about the first responders, no worry about themselves boston fire, boston pd right on the scene. what can we do. runners coming off the court. they ran 26 miles and they immediately ran for help. that gives me hope. looking back on that it was an amazing site there were so many people ready no matter what horrific things happened.
what can i do? what can i do. >> we talked a lot about what some witnesses saw. describe if you can sort of what you heard and what you smelled. some witnesses said it smelled like firecrackers? >> i couldn't hear for about half an hour afterwards because the blast being right there. i think i was disoriented. we didn't get any recovery. they were traying to help the injured and the hurt. in the panic mode your a tren ly adrenaline is there and you don't come down. i don't think i had smienss about me like i normally would. i just remember it feeling like it was a war zoneing this is where i live. i don't know what to do with all of this absolute tragedy around. >> was it your first marathon? >> my first boston but not my first marathon. >> is it your last marathon? >> absolutely not.
i am wearing my medal today. this is a beautiful city. they have unrolled everything welcoming for all of us runners. they did such a tremendous job yesterday. so many people live for that day. comb boston needs to be heralded for everything they did to make us safe as runners. they did everything the whole day to make us feel good. >> thank you demi thank you for talking to us. we will talk to you again. demi clark who just completed the marathon and was right in the middle of the chaos. >> after 9-11 there was a question of what can people do, this was a terror attack but we were going to soldier on as we do in america. one of the pieces of advice, go out and buy stock. show the financial industry is alive and thriving. there was a piece in the new york times today saying next year they hope that the membership and runners double at the boston marathon and people show up in droves and cheer twice as loud and send the message that we are sthierl. we are still standing. >> when you talk about a road
race, secure ago road race as great as the men and women are that do this how do you secure the road. pedestrians, mag tomorrow t mag, like new year's eve? get rid of the trash cans. finding out if there is anything going on with packages being dropped meanwhile you are just getting up, here's what we do know as details come in. right now you are looking live at downtown boston. >> the working theory right now is 2:50 p.m. they went off. two bombs probably in bags planted in garbage cans during the race detonated perhaps by cell phones. here is a point of view shot running up boyleton.
kaboom right there is the first one. we have a graphic on our wide screen over there that shows the first iks employings -- explosion was at 2:50 and about 15 seconds later. many people were running toward the explosion. >> this is one of the main reasons it is suspected terrorism. it's not an accident when one and then two goes off. it has one of the hall marks of terrorism. al qaeda affiliated or inspired groups will try to hit one blast try to cause people to run away and try to hit you at the place where you ran to and there were some reports the second blast was biering than the first. >> this is hallmark of al qaeda one of their operations.
>> part of the theory of what happened if they were detonated because they were so close you have two guys dropping two bags you have one guy who dropped both of them and then he is going to detonate them by a cell phone. apparently they have subpoenaed cell phone records from the area. they will try to triangulate where everybody was if there was a signal sent out nearby at 2:50. keep in mind boston marathon day, it's a big party day. a number of the restaurants nearby in boyleton people were outside having lunch, having drinks, cops ran over within seconds minutes of the race. everybody put down your cell phone, put them down, don't touch them. >> they my be the trigger. >> the bomber. >> last night there was a report from the wall street journal among other publications there may be as many as 5 unexploded
devices that may have been retrieved. they are lacking at the jfk museum and library had anything to do with boyleton street. there was a fire there as well. they were 5 devices retrieved now they are reporting there were only two, two unexploded devices. you have to wonder whether that was as a result of them shutting down the cell phones if the cell phones had been used as detonator devices. >> i could not believe how quickly they recovered other devices. somebody tells them there are other devices much like we heard in aurora by the way my apartment is booby trapped. >> the question is whether we are going to get someone taking
responsibility which we don't have yet. >> something was found by boston college near the church they haven't said whether or not it is related. that's where my kids watched the boston marathon last year t. puts it all into perspective. it is an annual event. it is so big and it tears at the heart of boston. whoever they are. >> 1775 when the revolutionary war got underway. meanwhile new york post opens up the first page they say federal authorities wondering was this attack because of new york marathon and with the boston marathon a secondary location or a fall back. police across the country are setting up security in wake of the boston marathon. new york hundreds of officers are patrolling times square six blocks from us and world trade center. >> teresa is live at penn station with that part of the
story. >> good morning. new york city is on high alert this morning. law foreignsment sources are telling us we are operating at the highest threat level possible that is despite there is no specific credible threat against new york city in the wake of the boston bombing. still governor cuomo and mayor bloomberg are asking all new yorkers to be extra figuvigilan this morning. go about your day and go about your life. they are doing a number of things. mainly they are focusing on the mass transit system and major landmarks. you are going to see a lot of police officers heavily armed guards. you may see canine units maybe the national guard. they deployed 1,000 nypd counter-terrorism officers. they are mobilized just as a precaution. that's what you will notice around the city. there is another that you will not notice for good reason. here is mayor michael bloomberg. >> here in new york city we immediately took steps to prepare for the possibility of a
related attack. there is nothing we know that makes us think it is going to happen but we have to be prepared. and again, at this point kierd to go the comblier there is no specific threat related to the boston bombing in new york. they have to be on lart. the heightened measures will stay in place until the fbi and boston officials find exactly who was behind the blofshing. -- bombing. >> next week the london marathon. >> let's go back to boston where security will be extra tight again today. the scene of the bombing copley square is considered a crime scene and will remain closed today. wfxt reporter joining us live at the scene. katherine? >> good morning. you know our governor duva -- deval patrick says boston will
be open today but it will be anything but business as usual. you can look around and see that clearly for yourself. this is yellow police tape you see this all over the area where copley bay is. something else you might see a lot of armed police officers standing here on the streets. people who are coming into the city of boston today, they have been told their bags will be checked if they take public transit. all of this changing in a split second at the finish line yesterday when the two bombs exploded. a total of 5 devices had been found. two exploded. the fbi is in charge of the investigation here. they have been calling this a criminal investigation. senior white house officials tell fox news this is believed to be an act of tearrism. there is a massive investigation going on tlau out the city. a section is on lock down. no rayses have be -- arrests ha made.
a saudi man had been seen running the site of the explosion. he told police he was running because he was scared. boston police commissioner ed davis said that man is not considered to be a suspect. overnight more officials went to an apartment north of the city of boston. they were there for several hours they could be seen taking bags out of that apartment. they are telling us this morning no rayses have been made. live at the scene right now i want to point ow where about we are this morning. you might be able to make out the "boston public" library. next to it a white tent that was the medical tent set up at the finish line. we are not far at all were whfre this all happened. in the city of boston a lot of changes that you can see. you can be sure the investigation is taking place. we will be briefed by the fbi around 9:30 this morning. we are expecting more vf th information then. >> our next guest worked for the nypd as a detective for 25 years
and he's kuntcounter-terrorism investigator. your initial thoughts on what it tells you? >> apparently it seems to me we haven't gotten any intelligence information regarding the possibility of an attack recently. >> no chatter oo. >> no, no chatter. nothing was picked up. it tells me it was probably either a loan bomber terrorist or small cell. all they need to do is talk to each other personally and no information can get out there so we are not going to be able to pick it up which makes them very dangerous. >> what do you make of the pact that they believe the bombs may have been placed in crash cans at what is supposed to be the most secure part of the race, the finish line. is that standard in new york where we have trash cans by the finish line and how could somebody go to that secure area and put a bomb in there.
>> if that's true somebody made a mistake. there shouldn't have been any garbage cans out there. they have taken them out of the subways in new york. if that is true it was a big blunder by somebody. it is very easy to hide a bomb in the garbage. nobody can see what's inside the garbage. serve watching the they're tma. even if somebody made it in the secure area with pabackpacks. he could have walked by and dropped it and walked off. a a everybody is looking this way at the marathon and it was dropped behind them. >> when you look at the videotape we have seen of the blast do you glean any clues from that? >> we are looking at the one blast where you can actually see
the blast come. you see the metal expansions, they move as a result of the blast. you can also see that none of the runners are actually being hit. one guy falls down but there's some people next to the barriers there that are not even moving as we saw from the blast. which tells me that maybe there was a shaped charge. >> what do you mean? >> the ability to be able to direct the blast in a certain direction. so maybe the bomb was placed incorrectly and the bomb went up so only people that were within close distance of the bomb were severally injured. >> what would you normal licks pekt to see the runners all falling over as they were running next to the blast? >> definitely. as you said before this may ab crude bomb also. i read last night that some of the bombs that were taken apart that didn't go off by the bomb squad they checked for c 4 which is a high explosive and they
didn't find any c 4 used. if c 4 was used it would have been a larger blast. so it was probably a very crude bomb, although i am just speculating. >> looking at this, do you think it could be the work of one person? >> there's some speculation someone could have dropped a bomb walked 100 yards, dropped another bomb. we don't know what the connection is with the two unexploded devices found. >> that's definitely possible. the other thing from the video, if these devices were detonated via cell phone why didn't they wait for more people running by the finish line? there weren't that many people running by the finish line. i assume maybe they were afraid the bomb was going to be discovered so that's why they detonated the bomb. >> they could have placed it at the starting point where all of the people were gathered together. at the beginning of the marathon they are all packed like sardine brothers the race actual -- --
they started the run with 26 seconds of center lines to honor the newtown victims. many of the families were there at the finish line and they were being honored there and were forced to run for their lives in a cruel twist of fate. thank you harry for being here with your thoughts. >> folks if you are just waking up continuing coverage of the terror attack in boston and how the fbi looks to intercept bombs like this. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection.
meninomenino. tear
terrorism. >> welcome back. we continue our live team coverage. heather nauert is live right now in new york. first let's start with jennifer davis she is blocks from the scene in downtown boston. paint the picture for us this morning. >> good morning to you. it is quiet this morning. but it is a city very rattled still even after almost 24-hours since this had happened. there will be a lot different in the city today. businesses will be open but it will knotted be business as usual. folks in boston can expect tightened security. they can expect random bag checks if they are on public transportation. there is the fb vifshg gag -- f investigation underway as well. there's a saudi national about 20, 21 years old at one of the local hospitals and he is
certainly someone that investigators are very closely talking to. an apartment in a nearby suburb 14 miles away has been checked by authorities overnight. they are following some leads. it is unclear if those two things are connected. the crime scene will be shut down not only today but perhaps many days. it could stretch a mile in one direction and 3 blocks apart in the heart of the city. on top of that we are dealing with all of the folks whose lives were so dramatically changed. they were running one moment and lost limbs during the bomb blast. more than 140 are injured and in local hospitals. one of the youngest patients appears to be 2 years old. at least 10 had to have their limbs amputated and of course three dead including one 8-year-old boy who was here to watch his father run across the
finish line. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> terrible. >> meanwhile the fbi taking a lead in the boston bombing. the agency spent years creating a system for catching would be bombers before they can build a bomb. >> the fbi is focusing on examining the clues from the marathon route. this includes looking at all of the bags that were dropped as the runners and bystanders left the area. they are looking at surveillance video and cell phone video and on-line chatter and forensics from the explosive. no indication high powered explosives such as c-4 was used yesterday. reports indicate the victim's wounds including shrapnel and ball bearings, that points to a crude type of bomb which is something used by terrorists overseas. the materials, those kinds of materials likely evaded the fbi ace trip wire system. the trip wire system was put in
place years ago in order to alert authorities for the purchase of large amounts of explosive. the ingredients that trigger suspicion has changed over the years. after the oklahoma city bombing fertilizer became the chief concern. today the purchase of certain chemicals that don't seem intended for commercial use is watched. the bomb that the oman attempte to set off in federal square in 2010 they were common materials and the materials were purchased separately. that did not raise suspicion at the time. store owners alerted the feds in recent years to booirs and substances that raised red flags the trip wire system isn't foolproof in 2009. that was a guy who planned to blow up the new york city subway. he bought large amounts of hydrogen per rocks iperoxide he
could build a bomb. they will gather information from the retarryls and suppliers that i mentioned who may have seen someone out of place or someone who was attempting to make large purchases. we will keep watching that one. megyn and brian back to you. >> the moments after the bombings were kay ott. ic we are g -- chaotic. >> you need to stay off the air. you need to stay off the air. make your way over there. all units stay off the air and make your way over there. >> copy that. >> i only want to hear from the 984 (inaudible) >> multiple people down.
have the bomb squad call 419. >> bomb squad. >> 911. boi boylston get people away from it. >> we are going to conduct a sweep to make sure there are no other devices on the street. we will then get people out of the restaurants and bars. >> how amazing. >> a couple of stories out there one is that they shut down cell phone service to keep people from detonating another. boston globe said we didn't turn anything. >> there may have been surges of usage. >> maybe there was a blocking mechanism where they didn't have to go through the cell phone service. >> it could be something they are not telling us because they don't want us to know. >> after 9-11 you couldn't get a cell phone call. >> elizabeth darby and her
roommate molly live in an apartment over looking the finish line. they were there when the bombings occurred and were forced to evacuate. were you guys down on the ground or were you in your a apartment looking down? >> we were in our apartment looking over as the bombs went off. >> what did you see? >> we saw the first -- we saw and heard the first bomb go off and looked out over the window and saw the second bomb go off over the street. a big cloud of smoke. >> molly in addition to the injuries and the death we heard a number of windows were rattled and busted as well. did your windows break? >> our windows didn't break in our apartment. i am not sure about the rest of our building. we heard it and felt it. >> what has been the reaction of the people in the building? >> well, there are still some
people who are designing our building. they won't let anybody in or out of the building on the street. it is a lot of confusion. nobody knew what was going on and if it was safe to stay in the building or to leave. >> as you continue to look down at the scene what did you notice as it was being unfolded? >> it was a lot of people running as fast as they could away from it. >> did you see any police activity toward any type of suspect or where the explosion actually took place? >> there was a mass of people. it was hard to tell what was going on on the street. people running away and police officers going toward the scene. it was hard to tell if people were pursuing a suspect or what was happening. >> was the second blast in your line of sight? >> yes, it was. it was just further down the
street. >> liz, boston marathon day, patriot day in boston is just a gigantic party. in the beginning you must have thought look at that somebody set off a fire work or something. >> that's what we thought at first. somebody was setting off a loud blast and it turns out it was terrible. >> you see what happens after a super bowl, after a major championship. they shoot off cannon blasts. if you see rick pat te pat tino reaction that's what it sounds like after the super bowl. were you thinking it was something like that we are rounding up it has been four-hours most of the people are beginning to finish the race? >> yeah, that's exactly what we thought it was. >> what was your first clue it was something more devastating. >> the look on people's faces as they were running away. you could tell something is was not right as a-- at all.
>> we know the area around your house was a crime scene, were you able to get in or are you els elsewhere? >> no elsewhere. we are at a friend's apartment. liz garvey and molly cikacz. >> a lot of these celebrities we talked about how the newtown families were there. they were being honored by the marathon runners. not just newtown but to honor various charities. we see celebrities running these things all of the time. this time we saw -- who is this guy? >> he played for the new england patriots during the championship super bowl run. after 9-11 he got a lot of tanks. one he has three brothers who are firefighters. here he is running the marathon he's retired now. he's in the middle of this in the middle of the boston marathon andruzzi coming with a flag and firefighters with new
england patriots. his brothers are first responders. that runs in his family. >> you look at this and you see this so often when tragedy strikes. you see how much the good out weighs the bad. how much the do gooders out weigh the evildoers. you see people running toward the danger helping others. the devastation of limbs flying through the air and everybody going down. >> he has a charitable foundation who had participants at the marathon. he was hosting an event on that very block he was right next to the second he goexplosion. they were right at the finish line. he sprung into action helping people out too often athletes get a bad rap. good for him for stepping in when he they needed it. >> patriots tweeted out that
picture. >> many hurt by pieces of glass. the attorney general said this last night. >> a lot of shrapnel injuries many involving predominantly the lower extremities. shrapnel injuries can affect the entire body. some asked whether there were parts of bombs i don't think they are able to say if they were small bits of metal place there had intentionally or part of the environment. >> forensic pathologist fox news contributor dr. michael baden live this morning. what do you think? >> i think a lot of information being retrieved not only from the streets, but also from the bodies, the surgeons working on people are removing shrapnel, some of which comes from the
bomb. the medical examiner's office this morning will do the autopsies on the three people that died. the first thing they will do identify the bodies but take x-rays of the bodies so they can remove any shrapnel that can be part of the bomb. but they also have two in tact bombs. >> we think. we don't really know that. >> allegedly. if indeed they do -- >> if the early reports are true. >> -- and any bomb that didn't explode there's a probe of information they can check back who made the wires. >> who bought the bags. >> what about in terms of shrapnel for lack of a better word in bodies how can that lead to anything? >> that is part of the bomb. it can telling y you where this of object was purchased, who made it. remember in the lockerbie
bombing a piece of metal from the bomb the size of a fingernail led to being able to track back to where that was purchased and who had done it. just a sliver. they have a lot of information. most of that information i think will come from the security cameras in the area. also from everybody who had photographs. lots of photographs who looks for somebody who looks suspicious. if it was put into garbage bags that was emptied the day before somebody had to put them in during the day. there are all kinds of cameras much more than new york city. >> what about the one guy they said was a person of interest. that's all they said. saudi national here on a student visa said in particular perhaps because of the burns on him. >> that could be true. when bombs go off sometimes, we have had it in new york city remember the greenich bombing
where three of the people making the bomb were killed because it went off a little premature. >> in the philippines that's how we got him. we had two young men in the 60s a man went around placing 30 different bombs including multiple ones. one person who is crazy against tom edison. i think it is interesting your previous guest, we can't eliminate the possibility of one person doing this sort of thing, and even with the 15 seconds in between, there have been bombings in which one bomb goes off and they wait longer for the emergency people to come to help and then the second bomb. there's a lot of stuff that the fbi and police are collecting right now. they have lots of leads, lots of data. at th it will give us a better picture. >> doctor baden, thank you very
much. >> thank you. >> cities across america are on high alert today. former chairman of the senate home land chairman committee is here next. ♪ oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage,
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>> parts of boston still locked down as police search for evidence. copley square considered a moving crime scene this morning. >> katherine prada joins us live with the latest on the investigation. katherine? >> good morning. it has been such an active night for investigators in the city of boston. they have been out in force.
they have been in this area that is considered to be a crime scene this morning. part of the area at copley square where the boston marathon ends. you can see the boston medical library and not far from where the explosions happened in the city of boston. for those coming into the city today something they might see, a lot of this yellow police tape. it is blocking off a huge part of this section of boston. they will see armed police officers standing in the streets on the sidewalks. people taking public transportation into the city should expect random bag checks. all of this in the wake of the two explosions at the boston marathon yesterday. we know devices have been found, two exploded. we are expecting an update by the fbi. more things happened in river north of the city they took out some bags. we know an rays has not been
made. we are expecting more information. >> live in boston katherine parrotta. thank you. senate home land chairman committee for two separate governors right after 9-11. helped with all of the major laws relating to home land. michael, your reactions? >> what you sees the marathon is the hardest thing to protect. 26 miles lots and lots of people. there's no points to be able to see who is coming in with what, what they are carrying. it is one of the things we worried about the most these big public events in an uncontrolled environment. >> even though you have the cameras to see someone is dropping a bag, someone saying what's going on at 34th and 5th. by the time you react might not be enough time to stop it.
>> you don't know what's going on afterwards unless you have data base which is really good facial recognition. if you could pick out somebody in a crowd maybe intercement them, the chances of that happening are very, very hard because you have to match it against the known data base. that is very hard to construct. >> they said between 10-15 different terror attacks have been stopped. some are comparing this to the times square bomber? how does it remind you have that? >> same thing as an opportunity event. it was a wonderfully warm spring night and literally thousands of people in times square. he drives the car in now he has mass casualties. >> he screwed it up. >> he did jew it up. in both wayses there wecases th personnel. shrapnel designed to hurt people. >> people want to say okay this is a wild cat operation or middle eastern operation,this is
al qaeda operation. when you see the two explosions in 15 seconds apart right in the vicinity what do you think? >> people know what they are doing. if they are rouge which is worse they have been trained, or this is a coordinated attack. al qaeda needs a win. something like this would be right in their wheel house. >> so that happens and you believe that person acts alone? can you get a bomb to two locations and detonate them virtually at the same time? >> it takes a lot of coordination. the amount of information and material on the web in both bombs that detonated is astounding. if you know anything about this maybe you can put that together. >> people are looking at boston but new york and washington on a degree of lock down. they canceled the celtics game in boston. what is the over reacting thing to do? >> i think right now you take a
look at the iconic structures, the places where it would be another good message for the bad guys. >> statue of liberty, 9-11. >> as a part of calming people's fears that's a good thing. see what else is out there, because you don't know if there are other things. but what we are doing is we are trying to say how do we make sure everybody knows we are on top of this and we are protecting everything? in the meantime working that crime scene trying to pick up what were the devices like, was there a signature in how they were made, where does that lead you. of course what does the camera show. in this case we have too much information. too much video. too many calls in saying i saw this, i saw that. it will take a long time to sift through that. >> guys like you are the ones who are in charge for that. we will use you as an add viedzo -- advisor. >> 4 minutes until the top of
the hour. our coverage continues at the top of the hour. we will be talking to the nypd bomb squad to tell us what he has learned. details on the investigation. don't go anywhere. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
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